Spinal Muscular Atrophy Conference 2015

"Weekend with SMA"
Hotel BOSS
ul. Żwanowiecka 20, 04-849 Warsaw

The third conference on spinal muscular atrophy in Poland. Organised by SMA Foundation Poland, it aims to bring together SMA patients, their carers and families, policymakers, researchers, neurologists, physiotherapists, and equipment manufacturers.

This two-day event will feature a wealth of lectures, presentations, debates and workshops run by renowned professionals from leading centres in Poland. It will offer SMA-affected families plenty of opportunities for experience sharing and socialising. The venue – a modern conference centre in the midst of a pine forest on the outskirts of Warsaw – will ensure a relaxing atmosphere.

The Conference aims to achieve the following:
  • Shorten the diagnosis time and increase the awareness of spinal muscular atrophy. We want the conference presentations to serve as the core of a information materials on SMA to be prepared for the newly diagnosed and for medical professionals.
  • Improve the everyday life of SMA patients. We want SMA affected families to have access to the most up-to-date medical information and best practices in such areas as therapeutics, drugs in development, physiotherapy techniques, patient support, and equipment. We also want to encourage families to share their experiences.
  • Encourage Polish national health service to adopt standards of care in muscular atrophy. We want to lobby with the national health authorities for the improvement of services provided to SMA patients by the national health service.
The conference is open to all families affected by spinal muscular atrophy, especially patients and their carers. Note that it will mostly be run in Polish, although many people, including the speakers, will be English-speaking. If sufficient numbers of non-Polish speakers are there, we will arrange interpretation.

For SMA families, accommodation and all meals will be provided free of cost.

If you understand Polish, you can register here; alternately email or call us on +48.223500202

We look forward to welcoming you at the Weekend with SMA 2015.